June 28, 2007

Every Pakistani must respect armed forces: Musharraf

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007

 * President warns media not to politicise judicial matter, violate PEMRA rules

JEHLUM: President General Pervez Musharraf said on Wednesday that it is every Pakistani’s responsibility to ensure that the sanctity and reverence of national institutions, such as the armed forces, is maintained.

Addressing army officers at the Jehlum Garrison on Wednesday, Gen Musharraf, in reference to criticism of the military’s role in governance, said that the armed forces were in the barracks and claims to the contrary were unfortunate.

He said the speeches and slogans at a seminar at the Supreme Court auditorium last Saturday were an “assault on the superior courts”. The languages used at the seminar “humiliated” the armed forces and the judiciary.

The president also criticised the media, saying it must not politicise what was purely a judicial and legal matter. He was referring to the presidential reference against the chief justice of Pakistan. He said the media must abide by the code of conduct approved by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).

Remarks: Pakistan Civil Society agree that Pakistani armed forces should be respected as they, under the constitution of the country are responsible for the security of the people. However a problem arises when the generals drag the military in politics and occupy important civilian positions. A myth created by the generals is that the institution of military is most efficient and forthright, while other institutions suffer from corruption and decay. This myth has been proved wrong time and again. The military has ruled Pakistan for more than half of its history and nothing seems to get better. In fact, the military itself has become corrupt and inefficient, even in its professional capabilities. Justice Hamood ur Rehman Commission warned the army generals that they were loosing their professionalism, which is due to the greediness, land grabbing and favoritism, just to mention few vices. The commission’s report and its recommendations were ignored. The generals are disliked by the people at large and are seen as non-professional land grabbers and corrupt. People have also lost faith in their capacity to defend Pakistan. The lack of military professionalism was witnessed during the 1970 war against India, Kargil and now in Waziristan areas. In the tribal areas the army’s professional performance was highly disappointing and because of that was forced to enter into an agreement with the tribes of the area.In short the Pakistan Army is seen not as defenders of the country but a political party filled with greed, corruption lust for suppressing the people.  In these circumstances, how can anyone respect the present day military of Pakistan, especially its generals. Pakistan Army will only be respected if they remain with the confine of the constitution and restrict themselves to be professional soldiers, confined to their barracks. 


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