June 30, 2007


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On June 23, 2007 the NATO and the American military machine attacked the tribal areas of Pakistan and killed many women and children. This was a repeat of what they had done a few days ago. In January of the same year more than 60 innocent children were killed in a missile attack by the American drone.

Mr. Musharraf in a most criminal conduct kept mum. In fact he owned the January murders of innocent by saying that the Pakistan Army performed this criminal act. By doing this he defamed the Army, as well. Is this man fit to be the chief of the armed forces or even a phony President? These tribals are as much Pakistanis as any one else. On the contrary Musharraf fully supports a terrorist group MQM. Mr. Musharraf has failed to defend the sovereignty and independence of the country.

Civilsocietypakistan believes that Pakistan should be saved from Talabinisation, as a dogma. But see what is happening in Lal Masjid!! On the other hand the tribals, who are as much Pakistanies as we are, being killed without any justification. They are not members of Al-Quida nor are they Talban. Innocent children and women along with civilians have been killed on regular basis with no sensitivity from Mr. Musharraf.


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