August 18, 2007


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Minister of education, government of Pakistan, General(r) Javed Ashraf Qazi was head of ISI (a spy agency of Pakistan). He was later made incharge of the railway ministry. His corruption scandals are widespread in Pakistan, where he made millions of rupees as bribes and kickbacks. But being a military officer and head of the most powerful military sect of the army, he was appointed incharge of the Education ministry. He is just a high School graduate but the question arises than why was he appointed as head of a ministry, of which he has no clue? An easy answer is that after 9/11, there has been a huge flow of foreign finances for the promotion of education in Pakistan. That is why we see so many army generals in Education and Institutes of administrative training. Known for their corrupt practices the army generals are having a nice time by enjoying the privileges and perks that goes with their jobs. True to their reputation they are getting richer and richer, while the nation goes down in poverty.

The minister cannot utter a single sentence in correct English but has spoken against the National Language of Pakistan, Urdu. Urdu, with strong literature and vocabulary is one of the most popular languages in the world. In U.S. alone, Urdu is being taught at 350 places, as a foreign language. With the passage of history Udu has become a lingua franca of the people of Pakistan. It is a language which has united various ethnic groups into one nation. To undermine Urdu is to harm the federal structure of Pakistan and thus its unity. The army generals should have mercy on Pakistan. Have they not done enough in 1970 to damage Pakistan?

General Ashraf Qazi is true to the traditions of his British colonial masters. Army is the only institution in Pakistan which in its appearance, habits and social culture is a faithful representative of the colonial era – of course minus honesty, dedication and professionalism.

English, no doubt is international language and must be learned by the students as a second language. This does not and should not compromise the position of Pakistan’s national language, Urdu.

But anyhow, who is this retired army general to give expert comments on such issues!!!!He is a true representative of “ignorant (Jahil) army generals of Pakistan.


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