February 21, 2008

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FEB 21, 2008


LAHORE, Feb 20: Supporters of Aitzaz Ahsan, the detained president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, defied police re- strictions and carried him on their shoulders outside his Zaman Park residence. Talking to the media, Mr Ahsan reiterated his call for re- storation of deposed judges by March 7. “Otherwise we will hold a long march and gather in Islamabad from all over the country,” he said. People from different walks of life had gathered outside Mr Ahsan’s residence to show solid- arity with the deposed judges and to demand his release. After holding a protest march, a num- ber of lawyers and other activists entered Mr Ahsan’s residence and brought him out. Mr Ahsan said that if the de- posed judges were stopped from joining the march, the retired judges would take their place and accompany lawyers, civil so- ciety representatives and work- ers of political parties to Islamabad. He said Justice Saeed-uz- Zaman Siddiqui, Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed and other re- tired judges had agreed to join the march. He said he had rejected the of- fer for his release in exchange of a commitment not to indulge in any political activity. Answering a question about the sitting judges, Mr Ahsan said



FEB 21, 2008


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