March 4, 2008

What a letter, indeed! By Kamran Shafi – IT IS MUSHARRAF’S DNA WHICH NEEDS ATTENTION

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MARCH  04, 2008


we have heard a lot said about My Lord, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry by Gen (retd) Musharraf and his minions in the one year that he has been dismissed/sent on leave/sent on forced leave/reinstated/dismissed/deposed/put under house arrest alongside his family including children, one as young as nine.

Most of this has been insane nonsense. But you have to see to believe the letter sent to the president of the American Bar Association (ABA) by the �president� of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on Dec 26, 2007.

The letter, spread over four pages and a 14-page annexure, had been prompted by a visit to Mahmud Durrani, Pakistan�s envoy to Washington, by a delegation of the ABA, quite obviously to protest the treatment being meted out to the Chief Justice and his family by what goes by the name of the government of Pakistan. The letter can be taken apart word by word but paucity of space prevents one. A few examples, therefore: On the very first page in paragraph 3: �Mr Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was appointed as Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) in June 2005, strictly on merit, as he was then the senior most Judge of the Supreme Court.�

Now hold your breaths. On the first page of the annexure titled �Profile of the Former Chief Justice of Pakistan�, in paragraph 6, the following pearls have been penned by the Commando: �He lobbied extensively for his own appointment and met several senior civil, military, intelligence and political personalities as a result of which he was able to have himself designated as CJP three months before schedule. He thus forestalled the chance of any other judge to be appointed on the coveted post.� I ask you!

Wait; there is more: Writing about the various charges against the CJ, the �president� of Pakistan has the gall to admit to a high personage such as the president of the ABA that the Chief Justice of Pakistan was being watched by �multiple� intelligence agencies in these words: �Ground check (sic) through multiple intelligence agencies not only confirmed the veracity of these reports but revealed other incidents of conduct unbecoming of (sic) Chief Justice of Pakistan.� I ask you!

And: Telling what is a white lie, the letter goes on to state one of his �excesses� in the following words: �It was part of these excesses that the Supreme Court under his influence/pressure ordered release of more than 60 hardcore terrorists arrested during the Red Mosque incident in Islamabad.� What could be further from the truth? If I recall, the CJ was under suspension when the case of the Red Mosque was taken up on a petition by Justice Nawaz Abbasi, one of the judges who later sat on the bench constituted by Rana Bhagwandas to consider the whole matter. (Justice Bhagwandas was not part of the bench.) Additionally, the judges involved in the Red Mosque case sit on the bench even today! I ask you! (Are you listening, Your Excellency, the American Ambassador?)

Again: Blaming the CJ for enlarging the Supreme Court bench hearing objections to a serving Chief of Army Staff getting himself elected president for another five years by soon-to-be-dead parliaments, the letter says: �Furthermore, the former CJ realising that majority of judges of the seven-member bench hearing the petition were likely to uphold the detailed judgment of the Election Commission of Pakistan rejecting objections to my eligibility, enlarged the bench to nine members. Still sensing that his motives may not be fulfilled, he added two more members and raised the number of judges to 11 to ensure that a negative verdict emerged.�

This is pure poppycock. We all remember that CJ Chaudhry had quite correctly recused himself from any of the benches considering Musharraf�s �election� and that it was Justice Javed Iqbal (who today enjoys another sinecure in the government of the Islamic Republic) who enlarged the bench to include all available judges of the Supreme Court, barring the three who refused to hear the case as they had already pronounced upon it in an earlier hearing.

There are other priceless gems too, such as the use of terms like �Constitutional Consultees� and �Pakistan today stands at crossroads�; using the word sifarish and then explaining what it means; spelling mistakes such as �walki talki for Walkie Talkie; even invoking the name of Allah Almighty in telling Mr William Neukom: �Chief Justice of Pakistan is the custodian of the highest office for the dispensation of justice which is an attribute of Allah Almighty.� I ask you!

In what is the silliest �charge�, and which shows the smallness of the whole exercise, the Commando says: �Against all norms of decency and truthfulness expected of the exalted office, CJP as a matter of routine used to claim medical bills for items which do not fall in the category of medicines, e.g., Accu Check, a gadget to test diabetes, contact lens solution, face masks, creams, tooth paste, acne lotions, Hashmi Ispaghol, etc�.

I kid you not, dear reader, I swear I do not. Mr Neukon should have fallen off his chair laughing.

But what should have really upset the recipient of the letter are the words: �There are serious instances involving his personal life and character; information on which has been withheld to protect the sanctity of his family life.�

And then, in a flight of the Commando�s vivid imagination: �Similarly there are a number of serious allegations of white collar crime, which if investigated could lead to startling disclosures.� I ask you!

I beseech Gen (retd) Musharraf to please, please stop maligning the country in the remaining time that he has as �president� and making it more of a laughing stock than it already is.

Let me end by begging our political leaders, particularly Mr Nawaz Sharif and Mr Asif Ali Zardari, to beware of the fifth columnists present very near the heart of both parties and come into an immediate compact with one another to form strong coalition governments in the centre and in Punjab. If they hesitate any longer they will have exposed themselves to the intrigues being plotted in the �President�s Lodge�, the new name given to Army House by the Commando who refuses to move to his palace in Islamabad.

Remember sirs, if we miss the bus this time, we�ll be left at the bus stop till Kingdom Come, to the utter glee of the Commando and his tight friends, the US administration of George Dubya.

Bushism of the Week: �I welcome you all to say a few comments to the TV, if you care to do so� � President George W Bush; inviting visiting Irish dignitaries to address the media, Washington, DC, Dec 7, 2007


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  1. I read the article from top to bottom. Not once but twice. Too confusing and without convincing arguments. I wish he would have given at least more contents of the letter. Only then it would have made sense. Keep it up.

    Comment by Saad Khan — March 4, 2008 @ 11:49 am | Reply

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