March 14, 2008

Lawyers, police scuffle near Army house

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MARCH 14, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008
By Khalid Iqbal

Rawalpindi: A large number of lawyers of the District Bar Association, including Hamid Khan, counsel of the deposed chief justice of Pakistan, and civil society members scuffled with police while making attempts to march towards the Army House on the fifth day of ‘Black Flag Protest’ here on Thursday. Lawyers boycotted court proceedings on Thursday.

Lawyers gathered at the main Kutchery Chowk and started their march towards the Army House. Traffic remained blocked on Jhelum Road for thirty minutes. Lawyers proceeded towards the Army House to get it vacated from President Pervez Musharraf. Police tried to restrict the protesting lawyers who wanted to pass through the Golf Road towards the Army House. Police stopped them at the main picket. Protesters raised slogans against Pervez Musharraf. Many lawyers ran towards the Army House. This resulted in a fight between police and lawyers. It was free for all. Police and lawyers pulled and pushed each other and exchanged punches. However police high-ups reached the scene and controlled the situation. A number of lawyers and civil society members reached the Army House and raised anti-Musharraf slogans.

Addressing protesters, noted lawyer Hamid Khan said that the seven-member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan had given judgment against the Provisional Constitution Ordinance (PCO), an unconstitutional step of President Pervez Musharraf on November 3. The imposition of the emergency in the country was also an unconstitutional step, which was rejected by the apex court.

He asked the new government to implement the order of the seven-member Supreme Court bench against the PCO. “If the new government would implement the order, all deposed judges, including Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, would automatically be reinstated,” he said.

Hamid Khan said that the next 30 days are crucial for them but they would continue their struggle for democracy and rule of law in the country. “Lawyers would get reward of their long struggle soon.”

He hailed the PPP and PML-N coalition and said that they should force Pervez Musharraf to quit in the best interest of the country. He said that Pervez Musharraf has brought the country on the brink of destruction through his brutality and wrong policies and still he wanted to remain the president of the country, he said.

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