April 29, 2008


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APRIL 29, 2008

IT is unfortunate that while the ruling coalition is trying hard to find a solution to the judicial crisis, the PML-Q continues to fish in troubled waters. Mushahid Hussain Syed, the party’s Secretary General, certainly washes dirty linen in public when he expressed the view that President Musharraf made a wrong decision in sacking the judges. At the time he was part and parcel of the regime but it is quite strange that he chose to turn a blind eye to that wrong. Perhaps, he could have done something back then, as he had a lot of ears to air his reservations. And that would have been the right time to change loyalties as well, so to speak. Not only that. The harsh treatment meted out to the judges was another issue wanting the PML-Q’s attention. The country’s Chief Justice was treated as if he was a criminal, the law enforcement agencies manhandled him and he and his family was kept under house arrest for months. One would have expected the PML-Q leadership to speak out then.
Likewise, illogical are the statements by the PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain, who said that he would table a resolution in the National Assembly if the present coalition failed to resolve the crisis. One wonders what his government was up to when the judges were deposed and arrested? Indeed the party was itself the architect of that plan, as it knew well that President Musharraf was their lifeline and therefore every hurdle coming in the way had to be removed. Not surprisingly, their desire to pull the chestnuts out of the country’s fire especially for their leadership reeks of hypocrisy. It goes without saying that in essence, such statements at such a time only prove the PML-Q’s desire to blow the wind out of the government’s sails.
More important is the fact that, as the lawyers’ movement for an independent judiciary seems to gain more and more popularity and attract media attention, the PML-Q wants to cash in on the opportunity. However, hopefully the party had better refrain from poking its nose into a problem that is for the public to decide. The government would be aware of such developments and would hopefully pull out all stops to find a way out of the judicial crisis. No doubt, the judicial mess is a legacy of the previous government led by the PML-Q, but the new leadership has a duty to iron things out. It was in reality for this very issue that the public accorded a heavy mandate to them. A successful conclusion of the problem would also be the best answer to the abovementioned tall claims by the PML-Q. 


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