May 17, 2008

US fired missiles in Bajaur: Army

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MAY 17, 2008

Pakistan after two days delay has officially confirmed that Wednesday’s missile attack in Bajaur Agency was carried out by the US. Pak Army spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas told BBC on Friday that investigation conducted showed that the missile attack was carried out by American spy planes in Damadola area bordering Afghanistan.
According to him, at least 14 people were killed in the attack, however, he expressed his ignorance that any foreigners died in the attack.
He said the US mlitary had  neither sought permission for carrying out the attack on Pakistani territory nor had the Americans exchanged information with authorities concerned in this respect.
Gen Athar Abbas said it has protested over a missile attack in its tribal areas that was carried out by the US.
“The investigations show the attack was carried out by a US pilotless drone,” Gen Athar Abbas. “The US did not take permission or inform us before carrying out the strike.” He added: “We have protested to the US authorities in the strongest possible manner.”
AFP adds: “We confirm that the two missiles were fired from a drone which belongs to coalition forces deployed in Afghanistan,” Gen Athar told AFP. “We have conveyed our protest and waiting for response by the coalition forces,” Abbas added.
Meanwhile, authorities Friday found the body of a paramilitary soldier beheaded by Taliban insurgents in Bajaur Agency where a suspected US missile strike left 12 people dead, an official said.
A note left on the corpse said the soldier had been killed in revenge for Wednesday’s attack in Damadola village in Bajaur tribal district near the Afghan border.
The soldier was kidnapped overnight and his decapitated body dumped on the roadside some eight kilometres from a paramilitary post near the main town of Khar, local official Mowaz Khan said.
“This is our revenge for the US missile attack,” the note signed by militant group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, said.


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